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The Yankees Traded For Starlin Castro

Starlin Castro

This is just breaking, but the Yankees shipped Adam Warren and Brendan Ryan to Chicago for Starlin Castro. Adam Warren has been a great asset to the Yankees but he never did enough to take a spot in the rotation so moving him for an MLB caliber 2nd baseman is the smart move and I love it. Plus hearing that we were able to get rid of Brendan Ryan, makes Cashman look like a genius.

Castro had a down year last year but is a 3 time all-star with a career .281 batting average. Needless to say, that is a huge upgrade form the dumpster fire that we had at 2nd for the last 2 years. From here look for the Yankees to move another player or 2 for pitching. With a solid player coming in to take the job at 2nd, Refsnyder now becomes a trade piece because Ackley doesn’t have the same upside anymore.

More importantly for Yankee fans, is that Gardner didn’t have to move in this deal so the chances of seeing him stick around for 2016 have increased greatly.

PS: Cubs fans are saying we’ll learn to hate Castro, but they never had Stephen Drew.