Kmarko's NBA DraftKings Picks - December 8


Welcome back to the daily DraftKings picks where we try to get super rich playing daily fantasy basketball. As usual I’ll do a brief recap of my lineups from the week before then throw out some picks that I’m brainstorming for this weekend, and hopefully get some good feedback/tips/picks from you guys either in the comment section or on Twitter @kmarkobarstool.

Hey, look at that, finally cashed last night.

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Still, not a very good lineup at all. I don’t know what happened but I think Isaiah Thomas put up 2 points in the second half? My value play of the day Jeremy Lin had a flames game, but I ended up wussing out on him for my optimal lineup. Also ended up paying up for Davis instead of Drummond…both of them put up complete duds. Ed Davis and Marvin Williams were some great low owned guys that I rolled with, and Felton and Len paid off, but overall it wasn’t enough to make a real splash.

Great slate tonight, let’s get into. My target lineup score for tonight is 290, baby steps. I’d be fine with 320 though.

SF Paul George $10.2K

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.04.18 PM

There are 7 $10K+ superstars tonight, which is more than I can remember on a single slate in a long time. 7 awesome plays who are all capable of putting up 70 fantasy points, and only enough money to pick 1 or 2. If we’re talking top overall play with all things considered, I think I would lean Harden. But for tournaments I’m rolling with the guy with probably the least appealing matchup on the board – Paul George. Yes he has to go up against Draymond and Iguodala and an overall tough Warriors D, but it’s the Pacers biggest game of the season, a game they want to show they are for real, and I think their superstar shows up big time for it. He showed last game that he’s capable of playing 41 minutes and putting up 72 fantasy points. I think both Steph and PG are in for big nights, but George always seems to be slightly underowned, so when compared to all the other options in this price range I think he makes a lot of sense for tournament lineups.

Also consider in this price range: All 5 figure guys are great plays tonight – I do like Boogie a lot after his recent “I’m playing like shit. It’s my fault” comments.

PF Derrick Favors $7.9K

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.04.47 PM

Love the price and the matchup for Favors tonight, especially at the PF spot which is a bitch to fill and even harder to find any sort of value. When Gobert went down we all thought Trevor Booker would step in and soak up those fantasy points, but it’s mainly just been Favors – always consistent, and now with 55-60 point nightly upside dominating the paint. The Kings have been weak against opposing power forwards for as long as I’ve been playing daily fantasy, and this should be a fast paced game with lots of points to go around. Fire up Favors.

Also consider in this price range: Kevin Love if he’s healthy enough, Brook Lopez, Gordie Hayward

VALUE PLAY PG Patrick Beverley $4.7K

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.05.04 PM

He’s not a very sexy play, but anytime you can get a guy playing 30 minutes a night with a 20-25 point floor in a good matchup…especially with 7 superstars on the board to choose from…you gotta take the value. As long as Bev stays under 5K I’ll keep plugging him into my lineups and using the extra cash to spend up elsewhere.

If that’s too chalky for you and you’re in the mood to take some big time risk – Trey Burke is coming off 2 very strong games. I think they may have actually been his first 2 good games of the entire season…he’s inconsistent and flaky, but at 3.9K you could do a lot worse for the upside lurking there.

Also consider in this price range: Shane Larkin, Omri Casspi, Rodney Stuckey


That’s it for me, good luck tonight. Tweet me @kmarkobarstool with your picks or to talk shit, whatever. Also if you’re depositing to play make sure to use my referral and we’ll both get hooked up with some stuff.