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HS Ref With A Hit Stick And Forced Fumble For The Ages

Still got it! You can’t teach instinct, hustle, and heart, and this Zebra still has all three attributes firing on all cylinders. Sure, he may be a couple decades late and a few burritos heavy, but the base is still there. Just have to contain it and not realize it’s 1980 anymore. I get it. The Glory Days live on in the best of us in different ways. You can take the dog out of the fight but you can’t take the fight out of the dog no matter how old or out of shape they get. I have a dream at least once a week where I can’t find my helmet on the sideline or forget to bring my spikes to the baseball diamond. Makes me wake up in a cold sweat every damn time. Granted, I’m not jacking up high schoolers and forcing them to fumble in pivotal playoff football games, but you gotta relive those days anyway you can or else you can’t really call it living.