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Game 7 Here We Come


I won’t lie and say that I have any ounce of confidence going into Game 7. The Bulls are metaphorically standing on one leg. Injuries, sickness, more injuries. Not to mention the only truly healthy guy on the team is our best player and he’s in a suit. But with that said, last night showed why even if you think the Bulls have no title chance, even if everyone in the world thinks they would get murdered by the Heat you have to watch. This team is all hustle. All guts. Watching Noah and Nate try to will this team to victory last night made you proud to root for these guys. So off we go, Game 7. If we win, the Heat. If we lose, a long offseason of more D-Rose talk. But not all is bad in the world, at least we have titties.

Getting my golf scramble on today. No one is as bad as golf as Big Cat is. Jmac has the day, try to be nice to him.