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Big Fan Of This Star Wars Prank Video Where A Guy Just Tosses Random People A Lightsaber And They Battle



Yo where is that weirdo Sam Pepper at?  Somebody sit him down and make him watch this Star Wars video.  It’s proof that you don’t have to pretend to murder someone’s best friend in front of them to get views or make a funny video.  That was just good ol’ fashioned fun right there.  People playing along and having a good time.  You gotta love anybody who is walking down the street during their regular lives on a regular day doing regular things but then the moment a complete stranger tosses them a lightsaber they’re just like, “Alright then. Let’s fucking do this” and they go at it. No questions asked. No idea what’s happening but they’re still down to battle. I’m not even a Star Wars guy and I’d be down to do that. I’d probably lose cause did you see the moves that guy had? I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he’s a professional sword fighter if that’s even a thing that exists. He’d slice me and dice me in two seconds flat but whatever. Not to mention you’re kind of a pussy if you catch the lightsaber and then are like, “Nah. I’m good.” Live a little.