Beautiful Video Of a Redskins Fan Helping a Cowboys Fan Remove The Knife From His Leg After Being Stabbed After Last Night's Game

Fox 5 – Video of what appears to be a stabbing at FedEx Field following Monday night’s Redskins – Cowboys game has surfaced online. The incident, which was posted on a social media site Tuesday morning, shows an out-of-control crowd pushing and shoving each other in the concourse area of the stadium. At one point in the video, a man in a Cowboys jersey can be seen on the ground being helped by a man wearing Redskins jersey. The person who is taking the video can be heard saying that the man has been stabbed and that a knife was found on the ground.

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Tears to my eyes. This is like a video when a dog and a lion become bffs. A German helping a Jew. A girl talking to a blogger. Look at the Redskins fan, putting aside all differences, and kindly removing a knife from the Cowboy fan’s leg. Hero. Obama better give him a medal. It’s a picture that will go down in history. Our children’s children will read about it. When the selfless Skins fan, despite just having watched DeSean return a punt from the 20 back to his his own endzone, helped a pathetic Cowboys fan get probably his own knife out of his leg. That’s just the Redskins difference. Might have to make it a tiebreaker qualification-s number of lives saved after two bad football teams out-suck each other on MNF. One point for the Redskins.