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James Neal Learns The Hard Way That You Don't Dive On This Ref's Watch





Now that’s how you referee! Seriously, if you’re not making calls like this then you deserve to get kicked out of the league. No matter what league you’re in, too. Basketball, hockey, football (though I’m not sure what the football version of flopping is. I guess just not toughing out a brain bruise?), whatever. If you’re in charge of officiating a sport then you need this guy’s attitude. Public ridicule, that’s how you get diving out of the game. A penalty might matter a little bit, the fact that the Bs scored on that penalty matters a little more, but getting screamed at matters the most. FUCK YOU! YOU’RE GETTING A FUCKING EMBELLISHMENT! Mortifying. Like when your parents used to yell at you as a child only now it’s on tv and everyone heard you get bitched out.




Also, this happened last night and was certainly not an embellishment. That’s a proper “You just got knocked the fuck out!”