Francesa Breaks Down The Entire Rocky Series

“FAWUH!? You like Rocky FAWUH?????? That is the worst piece of gahbij I have eva seen!!! Heah’s the Mink Man.”

“That baby had so much hayuh. I’ve seen babies, ok? I have nevah seen a baby with that much hayuh.”

“You can’t have those scenes in the wattuh in Sannamonica throwin hearts and candies at each other.”

“Paulie with the robot!?”

“Oscuh? What Oscuh?”

You thought they were gonna embrace on the beach and end up in Turksin Cake Ohs.” 

Forgot to blog this over the weekend after Francesa’s masterful performance on Friday. Francesa must have broken down the Rocky Series about 6 times in 5 hours. It was remarkable. And the most fascinating part of it was how much he knew about Rocky. I would have bet my bottom dollar that we were about to listen to Mike talk out of his ass about some movies he watched 30 years ago that he barely remembered. But Numbah One nailed every quote and every scene. It was actually pretty impressive. And Mike not liking Rocky IV is such a perfect Francesa stance you cant even script it any better. Picking between Rocky I and IV is like choosing Home Alone 1 or Home Alone 2. Its like choosing Nacho Cheese Doritos or Cooler Ranch Doritos. You probably prefer one over the other but you really cant go wrong. Both are sheer greatness.

Unless you’re Mike Francesa, who takes one of the most entertaining, beloved sports movies of all time and calls it the worst piece of garbage he’s ever seen. The only thing that will last longer than the Rocky series is Francesa’ reign at the top.