Here's a Way Too Realistic Scenario Where Every NFC East Team Finishes 6-10 And The Cowboys End Up Winning The Division

Well good morning. I’ll have more about last night’s Skins game later, but need a bit of time for that. So for now, let’s talk about the NFC East and the realistic (unlikely, but still realistic) scenario that all 4 teams can finish 6-10. While it’s not probable that this 13 team parlay will hit, if you really look at it, it’s hard to find a game you can argue against the outcome. And this is the NFC East we’re talking about. Such a disaster. As I type this with Dashboard playing in the background and images of DeSean Jackson running a punt from the 20 back to his own endzone, I only can wonder what if. What if the playcalling wasn’t abysmal last night? What if we got pressure on Cassel all night? What if the kicker we brought in to get touchbacks on kickoffs was able to get a touchback on the kickoff? Then it wouldn’t be a 3 way tie for first with the Cowboys one game out.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.31.13 AM

Last night proved what I’ve been saying all year before I got overly-optimistic due to the Skins soft remaining schedule- the Skins are an average team who still make mistakes and don’t have the depth they need. Still a not-good, not-bad, just all around average team. And the sick thing is, still tied for first. And it’s completely feasible that the Skins beat the Bears next week while the Bills beat the Eagles and Dolphins beat the Giants, and voila, back in first by ourselves. Just can’t lose the next 3 after that to the Bills, Cowboys, and Eagles. Those final two weeks are going to end up giving me a stroke.