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Stanford Teammates Go Nuts As Christian McCaffery Is Named A Heisman Finalist

Pumped that McCaffery got the invite – got a little nervous he was going to end up left out when Stanford was officially out of the Playoff. But the committee kind of had no choice after a Saturday night where he dropped 461…yes four hundred and sixty one total yards rushing, passing, receiving, and returning kicks – including a rushing, passing and receiving touchdown in a game that won the Pac-12 title. When you break the all-purpose yards record held by Barry Sanders (ever heard of him?) you kind of need to be up on the stage in New York.

Think it’s pretty wrapped up for Henry after that exclamation point 189 yards + a TD to win the SEC, but glad McCaffery at least has a chance.


Only 3 finalists is kind of weird right? No Baker Mayfield leading Oklahoma to the Playoff in his first year starting? No Keenan Reynolds breaking the all-time rushing TD record? Zeke, Dalvin, Coleman, Boykin all missing the cut. Also, Fournette not even getting an invite = why every Heisman prediction before the very end of the season is useless.