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Redskins vs Cowboys "Biggest Game Since 2012" Live Blog

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.20.34 AM

Huuuuuge game. Huge. I don’t want to be tied for first. I want to run away with first. I don’t want the Eagles to think they have a chance. I don’t want the Giants to think they have a chance. I want the Skins to show the world they are the real deal. That this division belongs to us. I want Captain Kirk to shine under the lights and put a spear through the Cowboys hearts.

This game shows if the Skins have turned the corner or are still what we thought they’d be. Look, at the beginning of the season I said the Skins aren’t terrible, aren’t great, are just in a rebuild where they’ll go 7-9 or so and we’ll get better and challenge for the division next year. But now they have a chance to win it this year, and this game is the biggest game. Move to 6-6 with the Bears next week. Lose and drop to 5-7 and be in the logjam. Want the win. Need the win. Fuck the Cowboys. Go time. HTTR.