Dad Tracks Down The Cobra That Killed His Son And Kills The Shit Out Of It



Dad of the Year Award just got snatched up as the end of 2015 approaches.  Impressively snatched up if I may add. Impossible to top tracking down a snake and beating it to death with your bare hands after it killed your son. Oh your Dad helped you pay part of your tuition? And maybe bought you your first car?  That’s nice.  Those are nice things to do.  Do you think he’d track down a super dangerous snake and kill it dead by beating it mercilessly against the ground if it killed you?  Didn’t think so. Mine wouldn’t.  He’d throw me a nice funeral and that’d be that. Only the best Dad kills the snake. For real though, did he actually track the snake down or did he kill the first snake he saw after his son died?  That’s the big question.  Any mother fucker can grab any ol’ snake off the ground and kill it with his bare hands.  It’s gotta be the snake that killed his son for this to count.  If we come to find out that he killed a different snake than the one that killed his son, his DOTY Award is revoked. Rules is rules.