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Your NFL Fashion Round Up AKA Your Wife's Favorite Blog


Ahh, these are a lot more fun after an Eagles victory. Lets hit it.

AP Above -

Peterson got out rushed by Blaine gabbert and how did he react? Came out with some sweater that looks like something my great grand mom would use as a blanket. Not a good day for him.


Brown is just the best. Like if Brandon Marshall decided to show up to his press conference in this fur coat I would make a mockery of him, but since its AB, I’m all for it.


Love this look from Jay. Just screams “ I’m going to Texas with the boys to shoot things this weekend. Give me a fucking cigarette and tell my wife I’m not cheatin’ on her”


JABOO is straight killing it. Like you know his mama is always telling him to look his “Sunday best” every week and that boy delivers. (He also isn’t half bad at the whole QB thing)


This may be the 15th time I have seen this exact look from the flaming tamale this season. Come on Andy, you’re killing me Damnit!


Dude, pull yourself together. What happened to you? Did you have 4-7 team come into your stadium and whoop your ass for 60 minutes? Poor guy. Looks disheveled and defeated. Lets see how a winner dresses.


Jenks just killing it with the bowties. I usually think people who wear bowties are fucking clowns. But if you return an interception for 99 yard for the Eagles to beat the Pats, you can wear pretty much whatever the fuck you want. So… unreal Christmas Style, Jenks. Hope the dinner party goes well.

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