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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy Named Bud Weisser Who Broke Into A Budweiser Brewery?

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.28.36 AM

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The brewery got an unwanted visit from a man with a familiar moniker. Bud Weisser, 19, was placed under arrest for trespassing at the Budweiser Brewery located at 9th and Arsenal in St. Louis. Police say Weisser entered a secured area at the brewery at after 6pm on Thursday. Security officers told him to leave and called police after an altercation. Weisser was taken into police custody. He was issued summonses for trespassing and resisting arrest. This is not Bud Weisser’s first run in with the law. He snuck into a gas station in August 2014. Police saw him climbing out of a shattered window in the 900 block of Lemay Ferry road. Weisser escaped after a chase.



That’s just destiny at work.  That’s all that is.  Can’t blame the kid one bit.  Sometimes your name decides your life for you. If you have the last name Manning, solid chance you’re going to play football.  If you have the last name Gotti, strong chance you’re going to be a criminal. If you have the full name Bud Weisser there’s a strong chance your Dad is a drunk and you’re going to end up breaking into a Budweiser brewery at some point. That’s just how it goes.  I have just one question, did this kid do it for the headlines and articles that he knew would be written about him? Are we gonna find out later this week that he’s got his own blog and is doing it for the publicity? It sucks to have to ask that but with all the fake viral shit out there it needs to be asked.  He almost has to have an ulterior motive cause it’s too perfect.  It’s like when rappers gets arrested on gun charges or start a beef with other rappers just as their album is about to be released. That was 50 Cent’s move back in the day when he was still relevant. Oh The Massacre is coming out?  Better release “Piggy Bank” to stir up some shit. He’d even go as far as getting arrested simply for the publicity. But if this kid just did it because it was his ultimate destiny then I can do nothing but tip my cap.



h/t derek