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Donald Trump Wants To Know What Muslim Athletes Have Ever Done Anything Special, Forgets That He Quotes Muhammad Ali All The Time

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Yeah! Who the hell has ever heard of one of those Muslim athletes, right Donny??? Hey Wait a second.

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FUUUUUCK. Win some lose some. See here’s the thing about Trump. I love him, he’s entertaining as hell, a laugh a minute. But guys like him, when they get out of their lane, get absolutely owned for being idiots. Once you start throwing out crazy declarative statements you’re just opening yourself up to be exposed as a total buffoon. Like me for example, I’m just permanently walking around with a giant “Just Kidding” disclaimer attached to everything I say.  That way if I get caught in a sticky spot, I was totally just kidding. Bingo Bango.




Also how the fuck does Trump say that and not remember the GOAT


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