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If You Could Play Only 1 Video Game For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?


So this was a great question asked on this week’s show. 1 video game for the rest of your life. Now I don’t care if you don’t play video games anymore, everyone played at some point, everyone. So it’s a question that is relatable across the board. Here are my top 3.


3. NHL 94

I almost picked an early version of Madden for my one sports game in the top 3 but NHL 94 is just too good. It’s a game that I could pick up right this second and play for hours upon hours. Not to mention, I feel like even younger stoolies played this game at some point. It lives on forever.

Sidenote – I know a lot of people claim this, but my one timer was the best one timer ever. Fact.


2. Golden Eye

It was between this and Mario Kart 64 for me. Tie Breaker has to be the 1 player mode in Golden Eye. Way better than 1 player in Mario Kart. Oh and fuck you if you ever were Oddjob. That makes you a pussy.

1. BattleToads

Battletoads is my pick for this question. Simply because I honestly don’t think I could ever beat it. It would be endless hours of frustration. It would be my Moby Dick. I would be a 70 year old man still stuck on Turbo Tunnel, and I’m ok with that.


Honorable Mentions

-Madden – I would probably pick an earlier version with Pat and John. Something for N64.

-Twisted Metal 2 for Playstation

-Mario Kart 64 – Self explanatory

-Snake on a Nokia Phone – spent roughly 1/4th of my life playing this game on my mom’s first cell phone.

-NBA Jam – could play forever.

-Original Sonic on Sega

-Mario 64 – This game went on forever

-Ken Griffey baseball for N64

Threw an 11 inning perfect game with Randy Johnson once, top 5 moments in my life.

I’m sure I missed a bunch, I was never a big role playing video game guy (zelda etc). What did I miss?


It just occured to me just how much time in my life I have wasted playing video games. I could have cured Cancer if I never picked up a controller. Whatever. Can’t think about that type of stuff.