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"Back To Back" Gets Nominated For A Grammy, Even Though Drake Apparently Didn't Want It Submitted



I fully admit that I have never been much of a Drake fan.  I grew up with the hip hop of the 90s and 2000s and his persona and songs don’t exactly fit the artists of that era.  But you have to be a hater in the ilk of Silky Johnson to truly hate on Back To Back.  Or you could be Meek Mill, I guess.  But anyway, having a diss track nominated for a Grammy is impressive enough.  Not wanting said diss track to get nominated and it still makes the cut is ridiculous.  And if it wins, that’s finally the end of Meek Mill’s career, right? Drake killed him in the song and the corpse of Meek Mill’s career would be shown in public for the entire world to see on network television in prime time.

Also, bringing Joe Carter and those retro Blue Jays teams/jerseys out of the moth balls and back into the public conscience was one of the best side stories of the entire Drake/Meek Mill rap beef.  Those Blue Jays teams were almost as good as their uniforms.  Almost.




And I will save KFC the time of constructing an Editor’s Note by just adding 2nd Round Ti.K.O. at the end of this blog.  But this song is just another example of how a diss song by Tiko Texas led to a rap battle between bloggers.