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I'm Done Being Mad At The Bears, Now I'm Just Angry At Myself For Ever Thinking The Playoffs Could Happen




You know what sucked about yesterday’s game? It was the first time since right before Aaron Rodgers threw that pass in Week 17 to Randall Cobb that I let myself think about the playoffs. I spent all afternoon/night/morning angry. Angry at the Defense for making Blaine Gabbert look like some freak athlete on two huge breakdowns. Angry at the Offense for not putting the 49ers away early when the Defense did their job and looking overall listless for the majority of the day (exception being Matt Forte). Angry at the coaching staff for having a team that looked sleepy and unfocused. Angry at Robbie Gould for missing one of the easiest kicks to win a game you’ll ever see. But more than any of that, angry at myself for falling into that stupid trap yet again. Thinking, after an improbable Thanksgiving victory in Lambeau, that this team would get hot and somehow sneak into the playoffs. So God damn dumb. This season is about rebuilding and figuring out what pieces work long term, and if you look at it that way it’s been a resounding success. But if you’re a real fan you can’t say you didn’t let the thoughts creep into your brain. Maybe it’s more than rebuilding? Maybe they can find a way to get into the dance on a very down NFL season? Maybe, which says it all, just using the word maybe. Fuck it, so dumb. The Bears have been to the playoffs one single time since going to the Super Bowl in the 2006/7 season. 1 out of 9. 1 time in almost an entire decade. That’s a joke. And I’m not putting it all on this team, this team wasn’t supposed to go the playoffs and by all relative measures they have been a success. But 1 playoff appearance in 9 years is a joke, and I’m not laughing.