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There Are No Words To Describe How Big Of A Win That Was For Philadelphia

Not the Eagles. Not Philly sports. Philadelphia.

You gotta realize we’re talking about a fanbase that has been walking through talking piles of pigshit for awhile now in all sports. We have to watch the Phillies, a franchise with the most losses out of any professional sports team on Earth, fall from Heaven to the worst team in MLB. The Flyers, a team who still lives 4 decades in the past, struggle in purgatory every year but never get over the hump. The Sixers, who are destined to be the worst team in NBA history BUT are still probably in line to be Philly’s best hope for a champion in the next decade (sad, but true). And the Eagles, a squad that we thought was a shoe in for the playoffs (or more) in August fall to a dismal 4-7 record which included getting EMBARRASSED the last 2.5 games. For the Birds to show up against the best team in the world and have all the right things come together means more to this city than anyone will know. And for the record I thought they were going to blow everything while up 21 in the 4th qtr, and I’m still not 100% sure they actually won that damn game. That’s just Philly being Philly. I would still be slumped in my seat waiting for death if they ended up losing that way.

The Eagles can win out and I wouldn’t bat an eye. They could very well lose the final 4 games and I wouldn’t blink, either. Screw playoff scenarios. The Eagles control their own destiny and could still get in at 6-10. All I do know is I and every other Eagles fan should me on cloud million right now. Philly doesn’t get nice things very often, let’s savior this one and get ready to dance at the Linc on Sunday.

Recap of rubbing my nuts all over this cocky bastard’s Menorah last night if you missed it. Legit one of the greatest nights in a long, long time (Let us have one, Pats people):

For the record Tom Brady is still the greatest QB and/or human of all-time, but this is hilarious: