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Bubba Watson Says He'll Walk Away From Golf If He Ever Becomes No. 1 In The World

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You know what Bubba Watson is?  He’s polarizing.  I hate saying nice things about him but that’s the nicest thing I can think of.  He’s super polarizing.  Everything he does causes my brain to get into an argument with itself.  Take this latest quote about him saying he’ll retire if he ever reaches No.1 in the world.  Now I don’t know if it was a throw away quote or if he said it sarcastically or if he was dead serious.  For sake of argument let’s say he was serious.  One part of my brain is like, “Oh fuck yeah. Can we all just pretend he’s #1 in the world so he’ll go away?  The world golf rankings make no sense anyway.  Just shoot Bubba to the top of the list, nobody ask any questions and we’ll never have to deal with his on-course temper tantrums or his off-course ‘You’re Welcomes’ ever again. It’ll be glorious.”  But then the other side of my brain loves watching Bubba the golfer and wants to watch him play as long as he can because there is nobody like him. Literally no one. Self taught, no coach, leverage monster, lefty, bomber off the tee. He’s the very definition of one-of-a-kind. The real question is all the outside stuff like being a waste of the name Bubba and being a giant hypocrite worth watching something like that? I guess I’ll say yes. At the very least it’s fun to hate Bubba. He’s a villain wearing a hero’s disguise. That’s good for golf in the larger scheme of things. Every sport needs polarizing athletes to keep things interesting.  But still, fuck Bubba.


Hate this guy




Love this guy