True Love Was On Display At The Barclays Center During Last Night's Warriors-Nets Game

I was flipping between the Red Zone Channel and the Warriors-Nets game last night and caught this display of pure romance.  Just two kids in love trying to make it in this crazy world of ours.  No agendas at play here.  Just enough passion to inspire 1,000 love sonnets.  Now again, I only caught the tail end of this, but it has to be a proposal, right?  I know the ring is on her right hand, but maybe that is some sort of custom that he or she has?  And yes, the best part of this all is when she leans in for the kiss and he instead asks her to show off the ring.  That was such an NYC high-roller move, I’m surprised it didn’t come with a reservation at Nobu (which is literally the only trendy restaurant I’ve known about since the 90s and I honestly don’t even know if it’s still trendy).


Also, speaking of true love, this Mama Curry gif is what life is all about.

P.S. Me changing from an orgy of NFL games to a regular season basketball game, albeit with an undefeated defending champ with the league’s most ridiculous player, has to be a red flag for the quality of play in the NFL, right?  I treat my fantasy draft day, Madden Day and NFL Opening Day/Weekend like religious holidays.  Trying to go to sleep early like its Christmas so the morning will come quicker.  And instead I can’t sleep because I have that excited feeling in my stomach.  So bailing on the NFL for an NBA game and then being completely indifferent to the Sunday night game is a red flag in my eyes.  Or maybe it’s because the Giants ripped my guts out for about the fifth time this season.  Yeah, maybe it was that.  But I think the shitty football has a lot to do with it too.