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Ravens Lose As Matt Schaub Continues His Reign As King Of The Pick-6



What an ugly game from beginning to finish. Neither team seemed to want anything to do with it. It really just came down to that wild couple of minutes at the end of the first half. Schaub managed to have two of his passes batted for interceptions, and it turned into 14 15 points (that sequence with the 2 missed XP’s negated by flags was sooooo 2015 Ravens). The pick-6’s just seem to follow him. It’s laughable. You can’t really fault him too much for either of the picks, but they just keep coming. Despite outgaining the Dolphins by a considerable margin, the Ravens just couldn’t get the job done today. Story of the season. 4-8, going on 4-9 with a scorching hot Seahawks team next week. Tank in full effect.