Iowa Is Headed To The Rose Bowl On New Year's Day And Will Play Stanford

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Roses! Hell yes! I’m not gonna lie, I’m super happy the Hawkeyes are headed to Pasadena to play in the Rose Bowl but it’s hard to fully enjoy it after last night’s game.  Just knowing we were a few plays or a few yards or even a few inches away from being in the playoff still stings.  That wound is still too fresh. With all that said though, this is the best consolation prize Iowa fans could hope for.  The Rose Bowl is a big fucking deal. There was a real fear that Ohio State was going to jump Iowa in the rankings and go to the Rose Bowl in which case every Iowan probably would’ve committed suicide. That’s too much sports agony in the course of 24 hours.  Luckily that didn’t happen and the Hawks are in.  Iowa hasn’t been there in 25 years. Fans from this great state are gonna PACK that place. As people saw last night in Indianapolis we have one of the best traveling fan bases in the country.  Pick us to play in your bowl game and we’ll pack the house.  Not only that but we’ll also drink your city dry. Add in the part that it’s the goddamn Rose Bowl and there might not be a Stanford fan in the building on New Year’s Day. Once I have more time to digest what happened in Indy for more than 16 hours I’m sure I’ll be far more excited about Kirk Ferentz and the boys heading to Pasadena.  It’s not the ending of the season we wanted but it sure as hell is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than where we thought we’d be before the season started. That’s for damn sure.


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