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Bears Can't Lose To Blaine Gabbert Right? Right?

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Everyone knows about traps games. Usually a sandwich game against an inferior opponent, coming off an emotional contest, looking ahead to a tough stretch. Well today, at least on paper, could not be more of a trap game. Best win of the season last week in Lambeau and 2 games against Division leaders coming up with a 3 win 49ers team coming to town. If you’re looking for a letdown spot, this is it. But I just can’t see it. I’ve praised the hell out of this coaching staff this year and they’ve deserved every bit of it, well part of good coaching is avoiding games like today. The Bears are the poster boy of this mediocre NFL season. Good vs Bad, Bad vs Good, and 50/50 against the middle of the pack. Well the 49ers are bad, I don’t hate what Blaine Gabbert has done the last couple of weeks, but they’re bad. I just don’t see it. Bears 24, 49ers 14, at least one awesome Jim Tomsula picture. Book it. Bear Down.





Hey look, our first round draft pick is alive!

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