Jets Looking To Make It A Clean Sweep For The Good Guys Of New York



Isles handled their business against the Rags.

Knicks MORE than handled their business against the Nets. Bludgeoned those losers.

Now its time for the Jets to make it a clean sweep. It would be a huge week for the JIMs of the world. The Little Brother fans in this city. And really there’s absolutely no reason they shouldnt. Giants fans have been cracking me up all season long. Motherfuckers are talking about winning the SUPER BOWL and they cant beat Kirk Cousins and the goddam Redskins. The NFC East has been handed to them like 4 times on a silver platter and they have fucked it up every time. Talking about moral victories and how losing to New England was going to propel them. Talking about how if they didnt blow 4 or 5 games in dramatically unclutch fashion they’d be one of the best teams in the league. Blah blah blah. What fucking planet am I on? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. There was a stretch earlier there where you could hang your hat on just a couple bad 4th quarter meltdowns but its happened like half the goddam season at this point. When you constantly blow games in horrendously sloppy fashion over and over again, you’re just not a good team.

As for the Jets, I shouldnt be running my mouth too much. Its been Jekyll and Hyde and you never know which team you’re gonna get. They seem to play down to competition all the time like assholes. Last week they handled their shit like the should have against Miami. Thats exactly what should happen today as well. Playoff spot still on the line, bragging rights on the line. And a very winnable game right in front of them. Handle your shit for the Little Brothers today, Jets.