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Hardo Security Guard of the Century at the Houston/Temple Game

Oh man, that guy’s eyes must have lit up like a Christmas Tree when he saw that Houston kid starting to climb the railing. You know he LIVES for this shit. Bided his time patiently all game, maybe even all season waiting for a chance to stick a motherfucker. Boom, go time.

Which makes me kind of confused by all of the staff’s reaction. I mean were they serious ganging up on the security guard like that? Bro what did you hire him for?

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 6.49.52 PM

Hey I’m with you man. Why give you the bright yellow jersey if they’re just gonna yell at you when you use it.

I’ll tell you what’s a way sneakier hardo move – the dude with the little tough guy chest bump knowing 100 other guys were around to make sure he couldn’t retaliate.