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Pats JV Squad Dominates The Eagles

Editors NoteWe are doing our Barstool tailgate today. I wrote this recap before I left for the game but I assume that it’s pretty much correct.

No Gronk, no Edelman, no Lewis, no Amendola, no problem. Yeah I know the Eagles stink. I know Philly is the worst place in America. I know everybody knew we were going to win this game. I know Philly should have just forfeited rather than make us risk more injuries. But I’m not sure people appreciate how great this team really is. How hard it is to win in the NFL nevermind win when your entire team is hurt. It’s like the walking dead out there and people just assume we’re still unbeatable. People still assume we’re superhuman. It’s the Patriot way. Next man up. Do your job.
Days like these make you appreciate how great this franchise really is. I mean this game was never in doubt. We just slowly pulled away and choked the life out of the Eagles. That’s what we got to do the rest of the season. Just grind out wins, secure homefield advantage, stay healthy and get all our guys back for the playoffs. Hell I actually don’t even care if we have to on the road in the AFC title game. As long as Gronk, Edelman, Amendola, Hightower, Edelman are all back nobody can beat us. Doesn’t matter if the game is at Gillette or on Mars.