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Chinese Hockey Player Banned For Life After Stabbing Opponents Face Open With His Stick


BEIJINGA former Chinese national team forward, Bingyu Lang, got a lifelong suspension for using his stick to injure a player, it was announced by the Chinese winter sports authority…

…According to the ruling, Lang first elbowed the head and neck area of Peng Huang, the captain of the U20 national team, and then stabbed the left corner of Huang’s mouth with the hockey stick causing a serious injury including the loss of three teeth and 42 stitches in Huang’s left cheek. Huang is currently being treated at a hospital in Harbin where the games of the national championship took place last week.


Now this right here is why I’ll never in a million years respect China as a nation. Not because they have maniacs playing hockey and slicing each other up with their sticks. But because there is seemingly no video of the incident available on the internet right now. Do you have any idea how badly I want to see this shit? I’d watch an entire minute-long ad without the ability to skip just to see this video. Never needed to see something more in my life but because China sucks and they’ll never not suck, there’s no video. (Obviously this post will be updated if a video ever does surface).


Now as for the incident itself, yes, dick move on a trillion. The guy who did the slashing, Bingyu “Dr. Hook” Lang, is 34-years-old and has already represented the Chinese men’s national team in seven IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship events. The kid he hit, Peng Huang, is the captain of the U20 team. So chances are Lang was just getting sick of tired of getting danced around by this new little snot-nosed brat Huang and took matters into his own hands. Both players are at fault though. If you’re some 20 year old kid, you gotta know that you can’t be a try-hard out there and skating circles around 34 year old dudes. It’s like wearing size 6 skinny jeans. You’re just asking for it at that point. And obviously if you’re a 34 year old dude, you can’t go around maiming kids in the face just because you got old and divorced and now they’re better than you. Because that, my friends, is how you land yourself a lifetime suspension.

h/t Bardown

Brutal NHL Suspensions:

– Marty McSorley was suspended for the remainder of the 2000 season (23 games) for this slash to the head of Donald Brashear. McSorley never played in the NHL again and ended up retiring after the incident.

– Todd Bertuzzi was suspended for the remainder of the 2004 season (20 games) after jumping Colorado’s Steve Moore from behind leading to serious/career-ending injuries for Moore. Bertuzzi missed the rest of that season, then the 2004-05 season was cancelled due to the lock out and then Bertuzzi was able to return the following season.

– Chris Simon was one of the biggest scumbags the game has ever seen. He was suspended for the remainder of the 2006-07 season after taking a baseball hack at the face of Ryan Hollweg of the New York Rangers. That suspension lasted 25 games and then the following season, Simon was suspended another 30 games for stomping on the leg of Pittsburgh’s Jarko Ruuto. He played a couple more games in the NHL after but was through in the NHL after the 2007-08 season.

– Eddie Shore was suspended 16 games in 1933 for hitting Ace Bailey over the head with his stick and ending his career. The two made up though because that’s just Olde Time Hockey.

– Then there’s this, just because it’s Saturday and I care about you guys.