The Masters Is Right Around The Corner. Get Your Practice Strokes In Now With DraftKings PGA $40,000 Chip Shot

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The Masters is right around the corner. Big DraftKings contest coming for that, but you need to warm up. This is your chance to do just that. Work the kinks out of your DraftKings PGA game. And the best news is it’s a free entry with any 1st deposit on DraftKings. So if you’ve been saving your luck, this is the time. 5k for first, 0 dollars to enter.



Contest Details:
-PGA $40,000 Chip Shot
-Time to get warmed up and hone in your Fantasy PGA skills for the Masters
-$40,000 in total prizes, 1st place wins $5,000
-Free entry with any 1st deposit on DraftKings
-Pick 6 Golfers playing at Pebble Beach this weekend for your chance to win
-Contest closes early tomorrow morning so make sure you save your team tonight!


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