David Price Is Wearing Number 24 For Hopefully Not For Long





Very nice of Price to allow owners of Manny jerseys to reappropriate them, but I don’t want him wearing this for very long. I need him to go full Bourque with this thing for Manny’s number retirement in roughly three years…






It’s a cute reversal, a power lefty pitcher taking the number from a power righty with the most beautiful swing for a right hander ever, but it better not be a contract long number. Manny deserves his number retired for roughly a million reasons but none more important than the fact that he was the brewmaster who concocted the Viagra dick juice that broke the Curse of the Bambino. If that’s not enough to get your digits hung than who knows what is.



Editors Note – I’m pretty sure David Price said he picked the Red Sox because of the Patriots.  He also said he hates negativity which is why he picked Boston.  Hmm. Let’s hope he doesn’t talk to Rick Pitino and has never heard of Shank.