Jim Tomsula Was Late To Practice This Week Because He Was Mad the 49ers Tried To Make Him Use Analytics





Do you work with team president Paraag Marathe at all? Analytics is his specialty. Has he worked with you on?

“You mean day-to-day with Paraag and things like that?”

How much of your game-management decisions are based on their research, the analytics department?

“So much of it, to me, is gut and feel and those things. Obviously, the absolutes in math on where you can save 20 seconds here or 30 seconds there, obviously we pay attention to. It’s conversation. It’s meetings. It’s going through scenarios. What they do a great job of is all the different scenarios every week that go on and putting those, Hamp will come down and he’s got them all for the year and we do that in the offseason and we go through them all and talk about the scenarios, put the film on and go through all those things. Again, you can only do so much of that. OK, yeah, you want to do this here, but you’ve got two O-Linemen and a fullback not up or down at that point. There’s so much stuff that’s not black and white. So, this conversation is very good.”

A report came out this morning that you didn’t show up Wednesday morning due to friction with Paraag Marathe. Is that true?

“That is absolutely false and I was at work, what day was that? What day did this happen?” Wednesday. “Wednesday. OK. So, between 4:00 am and 4:30 am, I drove through the gate. I was late for practice this week. I got there for the team periods. But, I have not missed a day of work.”

A report also came out that you and Paraag butted heads on the topic of analytics.

“Absolutely false. Untrue.”



Are we on planet earth right now? Jim Tomsula is getting crossed examined on how he uses analytics? Like he’s suddenly a moneyball guy or something? We talking about analytics with Jim Tomsula. Not the game…analytics. The most anti analytics human in the history of humans and we’re asking him if he uses analytics? Jesus the 49ers are stupid. You don’t hire the defensive line coach who literally thinks you win game simply on emotion, effort and playing hurt if he uses analytics. Of course he doesn’t. Just be happy he admitted he’ll pay attention to math if it can save him 30 seconds in certain situations. That’s a win as far as I’m concerneds

PS – How about Tomsula being late to his own practice? I’ve literally never heard a head coach do that before. He was probably in the weight room just pumping iron muttering to himself about how stupid math is until another coach talked him onto the field.