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Chicago Segway Driver Arrested For Selling Drugs To People On Armitage And Halsted



COOK COUNTY CRIMINAL COURTHOUSE — A Chicago Segway tour guide accused of peddling drugs out of a brown leather satchel in Lincoln Park was found with suspected ecstasy and marijuana — and Viagra — stashed in his sock, prosecutors said.

Christopher McAdams, 32, was arrested at 12:30 a.m after allegedly asking a woman if she “wanted to buy a bar” — a common street term for the anti-anxiety medication Xanax — and pulled a pill from his coat pocket, according to prosecutors and court records.

The woman, who “kept walking,” flagged down police and gave a description of McAdams, who was stopped shortly later in the 900 block of West Armitage Avenue, according to court records.

Cops allegedly found a glass jar in McAdams’ satchel containing 25 grams of a green leafy substance that was suspected marijuana, 21 pills of suspected ecstasy and nine Xanax, according to court records. They found the single Viagra pill in his sock later.

McAdams faces multiple counts of felony drug possession, though he allegedly told police that he has prescriptions for the Xanax and the Viagra.

According to an attorney representing McAdams, he works as a tour guide for Chicago Segway and studies at the Illinois Institute of Technology.


First of all, fuck this chick. Who gets offered drugs on the street and then immediately flags a cop down? It’s not like this guy poked you with a heroin needle, he just asked if you wanted to buy a bar, plain and simple. I probably would have said yes not even knowing what a bar is. Strolling by Beaumounts and Marquee Lounge and next thing you know I’m eating a xanax/viagra speedball. Rocking the chillest most stress free boner on planet earth. So grow up lady, and stop being such a stuck up bitch, they’re drugs, drugs never killed anyone.


More Importantly though. Why is everyone talking about this guy in terms of his job as a Segway tour guide? Is that an important job now? It’s like he was the mayor of Chicago or something with the way they’re writing about Christopher McAdams. Seriously, why mention it multiple times? This isn’t a scandal or something. It’s not like he’s a public figure. He’s a 32 year old guy that drives scooters with tourists and sells drugs to rich kids in Lincoln Park. Probably a stoolie. Just trying to make some side guacamole. Lets all take it easy on Chris McAdams. Not like he wrote a note reminding himself to “get high”. Let the bro live.