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Reporter Swipes A Popsicle While Going Through The Apartment Of The San Bernardino Shooters

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.51.14 PM




Listen I don’t care who you are or where you are.  You see a popsicle, you take a popsicle.  That’s pretty much the law.  It could be a hot day in the middle of summer after you just got done mowing the lawn or you could be rifling through the apartment/crime scene of the two San Bernardino terrorists.  Popsicles are pure gold and good no matter what. Never ever pass up the opportunity if a popsicle is offered.  Even if it’s not yours, just take it. Every other reporter in that place was snapping pictures of legal documents, IDs, passports, whatever. That guy just wanted a popsicle.  It’s like that Dave Chappelle/Sunny Delight bit.  Everybody else wants to get their hands on pertinent documents about the shooters and why they did it. Meanwhile that one guy is just in the background like, “I want that orange popsicle.” And he got it.  Play on playa. That’s a W, maybe not for journalism, but it’s a W for popsicles and people who want them.



This guy knows what I’m talking about



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Well now it makes even more sense. He had done manual labor before grabbing the popsicle.  Nothing better than a popsicle after getting loose with a crow bar.


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