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This Chick Is LIVID McDonalds Didn't Have Her Fresh Cookies Ready






A lot of people are going to say that this chick was a rude bitch and absurdly upset about some cookies, but this is McDonalds we’re talking about here. If McDonalds doesn’t have hot and fresh cookies ready, what’s next? Olive Garden doesn’t have breadsticks? Burger King doesn’t have Whoppers? Dunkin Donuts doesn’t have coffee? Cookies are the bread and butter of the McDonalds franchise. What, you’re a normal person who thought those cookies are just decoration to draw your attention to the Ronald McDonald House piggy bank sitting by the register and no one has ever actually bought a Mickey Ds chocolate chip trear? Most certainly not. Brandy Wooten buys them. The #BrandyHive buys them. If you’re gonna be a lazy manager and not have cookies ready because no one even knows you sell cookies then you better be ready for this chick with cat makeup/maybe cigarette burns on her face to chew your ass out. You think this is a game? She really do this. She a real blogger. She’ll tag your ass on Facebook.



I do love the manager grabbing her phone and recording Brandy right back though. It’s 2015’s version of a Western standoff. No need for guns, just take video. Oh you’re gonna make me go viral? No, I’ll make YOU go viral.