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New Pictures Of Wrigley Renovations Released

Crane Kenney with a classic cheesedick smile.


Looks exactly the same, except now there’s a scoreboard in left


But wait, now we have black people!!!

And more black people!!!


Side Note, I love the clothes they gave the black guys outside of the stadium. Everyone is in jerseys and collared shirts and then you have these two guys. Looking sketchy as fuck. Ricketts working some real under the radar racism.

R Kelly

Pull up your pants bro!


Oh and now we have batting cages. Why do we need those? To Practice? Ha. Cubs don’t need to practice.


And last but not least, new kitchens!



Same mexican chef and white bosses in the background doing nothing, but new kitchens.


All in all I give the Wrigley Renovations an A+. Can’t Wait!