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The New Starbucks Cream-Cheese Stuffed Bagel Balls Are An Absolute Game Changer


Food Beast-  Bagels are already pretty portable, but I guess there’s a demand for even more portability, opening the door for Starbucks to start dishing out cream cheese-filled bagel balls.

The coffee mega-chain teamed with Bantam Bagels, the creators of these bagel bombs, and has released them in more than 500 of its New York, Indiana and Philadelphia locations, according to Buzzfeed.

Sure that’s only about 4 percent of Starbucks’ over 11,000 locations in the US, but at this rate, that number is expected to increase to 7,000 nationwide, according to Bantam Bagels.

The bagels come in three flavors; Classic, Everybody’s Favorite, which is equivalent to an Everything bagel, and French Toast. The Classic is filled with regular cream cheese, the Everything comes with a veggie cream cheese, and the French Toast has a fitting, buttery maple cream cheese.


God I love and hate this news so much.  I love it because it’s a brilliant idea and remixes the bagel, one of the kings of breakfast foods, while also making it even more portable.  I hate this story because I have been talking about having cream-cheese filled bagels ever since the first time I bit into a jelly donut Munchkin.  I feel like I invented the idea more than a decade ago, while also acknowledging that I probably wasn’t the first person who thought it.  Like my buddy who thinks he invented the Snuggie because he thought of it while he was in high school, even though the Snuggie is basically just a robe worn backwards.  But still, having these finally make it to a big chain is great.  I can’t wait until New York bagel stores perfect the recipe as we really try to pack on the pounds during the cold snap of January and February.

Since KFC tabbed me as Barstool’s Snack Guy during this week’s episode of Mailtime, I feel like it is my duty to get a 15 second food review of these bagel balls as soon as humanly possible.  Unfortunately none of the Starbucks near me carry them (trust me, I have been hunting them down like Liam Neeson in one of the Taken movies).  But I make this promise to you, bagel balls.  I will look for you, I will find you, and I will eat you, all while recording half of my face and both of my chins with some oddly fitting music playing in the background.

Stuffed balls and buffalo chicken tenders shaped like a dick. Big week for sexy food on Barstool.