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This Panda Is Drunk As Fuck


Falling all over the place, his friends carrying him around, facing planting onto the ground, asking for help to do the most simple tasks.  That panda is absolutely hammered. I’d hang out with a drunk panda all day long.  It combines two of the best things in the world: 1) getting super drunk and 2) hanging out with a bear that won’t rip your face off for sport. One of my top-3 goals in life is to get an actual bear hug from a real life bear and I’ve been going about it all wrong. I’ve been wanting to get hugs from a grizzly bear or a polar bear. Big mistake. I stupidly picked the two bears who would kill me dead the moment they saw me despite my round face and Midwest demeanor.  After watching that video it’s pretty clear. Drunk panda bears are the way to go. You see how that panda bear was totally cool with that human?  That’s what I need.  Get the panda a few drinks and then move in for the Bear Hug. It shall be a glorious day.