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Local Woman Running 7 Marathons In 7 Days on 7 Continents

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BOSTON (AP)Seven marathons in seven days on seven continents? You’d be forgiven for thinking Becca Pizzi is seven kinds of crazy. ‘‘I get that a lot,’’ said Pizzi, who’s vying to be the first U.S. woman to complete the World Marathon Challenge.The 35-year-old day care center operator from Belmont, Massachusetts, is one of 15 competitors from around the globe who will attempt the feat in January. Friends say she’s got one setting: Beast Mode.  ‘The second I heard about it, I knew I was born to run this race,’’ Pizzi told The Associated Press. ‘‘I’m doing it to represent my country and to inspire the world that you can do anything you put your mind to.’’
‘‘It’s going to be an uncomfortable seven days,’’ she said. ‘‘We may not even get a shower. It’s basically going to be run, sleep, eat, repeat.’’ It’s not just exhausting; at $36,000, it’s expensive. Pizzi fronted the cash but has been lining up corporate sponsors to help defray the cost. So far, two companies — Ultima, which makes electrolyte replacement drinks, and Dr. Cool, which sells compression sleeves and other performance items — are covering about half of her expenses. ‘‘It’s all going to be about focus. Mind over matter,’’ she said. ‘‘If I let my mind go, the race is over. I’ll really have to take this one marathon at a time.’’

I’m gonna say the same thing I say everytime I see stupid marathoners doing stupid marathon things. I don’t hate you for running marathons.  I hate you for thinking you are curing world cancer by doing something you enjoy doing. Like this quote here?

‘‘I’m doing it to represent my country and to inspire the world that you can do anything you put your mind to.’’


No you’re not. You’re doing it because you like running. Just like when I sit down to watch TV I’m not doing it to inspire the world. I’m doing it because that’s how I chose to spend my free time. If I felt like being an asshole and running 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents I’d do that instead. My problem is when marathoners make it seem like they are sacrificing for our benefit. When they think people should donate money to their cause. Should I ask for donations to play wiffleball or something? Just keep your mouth shut and run your stupid little races and get out of my face with it. Nobody cares.