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“I Think Our Officials Do An Extraordinary Job" - Roger Goodell

CBS - There have been several high-profile officiating mistakes in the NFL this year. From Seattle’s batted ball in Week 4 to a blown call that cost the Ravens a win in Week 10, NFL refs have almost been making as many headlines as the teams they’re officiating. Despite those mistakes, Roger Goodell doesn’t think that the league needs to overhaul the way it handles officiating. During an interview at the NFL owners meeting in Texas on Wednesday, the commissioner backed the league’s refs.”I think our officials do an extraordinary job,” Goodell said, via “I think what we see now through technology is we see things we could never see before. But I think what it does is it validates the quality of our officiating.”

Good old Roger. Just doing what he does best. Strutting to the podium and telling blatant bold face lies right in your eye. Telling you it’s 83 and sunny when you’re in the middle of a hurricane. He is honestly the most audacious liar this world has ever seen. Just no regard for the truth. No regard for even faking like he’s telling the truth. The shit he says is so outrageous it would pass as onion article, but he’s being serious. Don’t know whether to hate him or respect him for just being the biggest lying scumbag piece of shit of all time

But none of that is neither here nor there. The fact the NFL doesn’t have full time refs is BANANALAND. I know I’m not saying anything new, but it’s literally insane. The NFL is a bazillion dollar industry. The incompetence of the officials is ruining football. It’s not the refs fault they suck. They are part time guys. You need full time young officials who practice and study year round. It makes zero sense why the league won’t do this. It’s like when they fought Belichick about putting cameras on the goaline. The ref problem that is ruining football is fixable.  It’s not fixable with part time guys.  Any moron can see that. Any moron except Roger Goodell that is.