Eastern Conference Rookie Of The Month Godzingis Ethers The Brooklyn Nets As The Knicks Host New York's "Other Team" At The Garden Tonight

First of all, I know I blogged about this commercial the other night, but I cannot stress how much I love it.  That song is a legit banger.  Add in the swagger and the smokeshows that come along with the video, and it’s safe to say it is my favorite song of the moment.

Also, it is not lost on me that on a night that ESPN has LeBron and the Cavs taking on Anthony Davis and the Pelicans, the Worldwide Leader decided to go with a Godzingis-themed commercial over all the other options. You know why? It was outta respect.

Anyway, obviously New York’s youngest rivalry has not amounted to much since the Nets crossed the Hudson River and into Brooklyn. A couple of seasons where both teams were decent and that’s about it. But I think the fans go hard at each other because of the Knicks fans that jumped ship to the Nets because they wanted on something new. Which still pisses me off to this day.

And I’m not sure whether he meant to or not, but ol’ Kristaps has added a couple of logs to the flickering fire of this rivalry by calling out the Nets franchise and their fans. Which I obviously LOVED.

So the Nets are irrelevant in the culturally savvy Republic of Latvia, huh? The people in Riga probably couldn’t tell you the difference between Joe Johnson and Kenny Anderson. Just two bums that once laced them up for some worthless NBA franchise. When people are boozing of Lake Lub?ns, they don’t give a flying fuck that Billy King traded away all of his future picks for a couple of washed up players. I already loved Kristaps Porzingis before these comments. But now we are entering that creepy lust phase.

Okay, who am I kidding we are way past lust now. And that was after only one month of lighting the NBA on fire. Knicks by 25 tonight. A Godzingis double double is a mortal lock. I’d sure love to see that first triple double tonight, though.