Remember That Time A Website Tried To Call Barstool Sports A Bunch Of Homophobes? Because That Happened Yesterday

Alright, so quick back story. If you missed it, on Monday some troll who pretends to be Barstool Chicago tweeted at Bill Simmons. And Simmons retweeted it for his 2 million followers (yes 2 million)



Now I don’t know if Simmons did this on purpose or not, he probably is not concerned with the day to day happenings at Barstool Sports, but using 1 second of common sense would lead you to the conclusion that someone named “312ChiBarstool” with all of his 74 followers has ZERO to do with Barstool Chicago or Barstool Sports in general. It’s not hard to put two and two together, it really isn’t. Not to mention I immediately told everyone that this clown (312chibarstool) had nothing to do with us, both on twitter and on the blog.


So whatever, no real skin off my back. It’s the internet, people will troll all day, if I get upset over that I need to find a new job, literally gave it no thought 10 minutes after his tweet went out.


Until yesterday. When some website called the “Sports Hernia” tried to put Barstool on blast with a post about how Homophobic and despicable we are.



Even adding a real nice mocking postscript with that “Viva El Hernia” thing. They since have added an apology (even though the apology was sort of a half ass “whoops, lol, we messed up even though we just slandered an entire company”), when they realized they royally fucked up.


But you know what, that’s not enough for me. I thought about letting it slide all night but I can’t. Because here’s the thing. These guys HATE Barstool Sports. They hate me, they hate pres, they hate every single one of the Stoolies, they hate us all. They can’t stand the fact that people like our website. They hate you guys for reading it and being the most passionate fanbase on the internet. They hate everything about us. So what they do is they silently sit in the wings hoping and praying we fuck up. Waiting to take a shot at us, waiting to hammer our slightest slip up. To show everyone how offensive and rude and disgusting we are. They want the world to hate us because they’re jealous. So that’s why I had to still do this post. Because if people are going to accuse us of things, they better be right, and this time they weren’t. I’m sure we’ll do something in the future that will cause a shitstorm (If Brady has another big dicked kid, that’s all but a guarantee), so it’s important that the times these sites swing and miss they get called out for it. Nothing more, nothing less. No hard feelings, I don’t hate these guys, I’m not bitter towards them, this hasn’t caused any crazy anger, I just want to acknowledge when someone swings and misses at us, because sometimes it feels like there is a line around the block of people waiting to take us down. End of Rant.



The fact that someone would think we’re homophobic immediately after I complimented that guy on having such an enormous cock is downright hysterical. Baby dicks, monster dicks, any kind of dick, Barstool does it. But yeah, we’re homophobes.