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Nothing Like A South African Police Chase And Shootout On A Motorbike In The First Person

href=”″ target=”_blank”>South Africa – This incredible footage sees a policeman chase a suspect on his motorbike while firing his pistol at the fleeing vehicle. The officer turns on his two-tone siren and follows the red BMW as it races from a crime scene in South Africa. He can be seen in the bodycam footage loading his weapon, before aiming and firing at the car. He shoots numerous times and rides the motorcycle one-handed as it gets closer to the wanted man.

Well there’s something you don’t see every…well, ever. At least outside of Last Action Hero or a video game. Only things missing between this and GTA are the hookers, Molotov Cocktails, and the hookers being set ablaze by Molotov Cocktails. If anything this guy has to be careful. No, not wildly firing a weapon in a residential area without a care in the world. That’s par for the course in South Africa (I assume).