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Jason Peters Is Now Getting Pissy At The Media On Instagram And Can Somebody Help Me Translate?


Again, far be it from me or anyone at Barstool to call out anyone’s written English abilities. Are grammer is amongst the worse in the buisness. But what the hell is Jason Peters blabbering about here? Jimmy Kempski wrote a theoretical piece about him getting traded and our Bodyguard’s girdles got tied in a bunch? Mix in a few commas and relax, Jason. There’s no reason for any of this. Why is this team so damn worried about what the media and other’s think of them? Lane Johnson is a dipshit who can’t keep his mouth shut about the fans. Brandon Graham is blocking everyone on Twitter to the point where he’s just Tweeting to himself by now. And now this. WORRY ABOUT FIXING THIS TALKING PILE OF PIGSHIT THAT YOU CALL A FOOTBALL TEAM.

Oh, and thanks for this, Bryon. Not like Tom Brady and the Patriots needed the bulliten material to put up 100, but now they have it.