5 Fifth Graders In NJ Plotted To Blow Up Their School - Daily Mail

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NJ - Five fifth-grade students were arrested after they planned to set off explosives at a N.J. high school, police said. Police said someone else may have helped the students come up with the plan to terrorize the school, according to News 12. The children have been released into the custody of their parents, but are suspended from school, according to WNBC-TV. The students, all fifth-graders, brought a device to School 11 and were going to use it during a field trip to Clifton High School, Detective Sgt. Robert Bracken said in an report. “It was not a prank,” Bracken told NJ Advance Media. “They had a legitimate plan.” School 11 officials called police, who later discovered written plans for an attack, according to the reports. It’s not yet known what charges these students will face as the prosecutor’s office will be reviewing the matter, according to

If you’re in middle school and you’re doing anything other than riding your bike and masturbating theres something wrong with you. Seriously from like 5th grade through 9th grade it was just basketball, bikes, video games, and exploring my dick. Plotting to terrorize a school with a cinnamon vinegar bomb on a field trip is just fucking weird ass behavior. Especially on a field trip! Field trips were the absolute best opportunity to flirt with your crush. Pair off for activities. You’re in the same group for trust exercises. Spit a little game. Enjoy your day off out of the classroom. Fucking insanity that you’re like 12 years old and trying to come up with terror plots instead of doing that stuff.

Especially in 2015 man. Sitting around googling how to carry out a plot with explosives instead of watching some 1080HD porn. Go stream your favorite movies and watch funny and videos and shit. You’re fucking 11 you weirdos.

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