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The Old Bay Filet-O-Fish At McDonald's Needs To Be Stopped

old bay fish

(Sun) — Will you be ordering a Filet-O-Bay for lent? McDonald’s and McCormick & Co. hope so. The two have teamed up to offer, for a limited time, a Filet-O-Fish with Old Bay tartar sauce starting Feb. 16 at more than 700 locations in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.  The idea, McDonald’s says, came from Mark Furr, a franchisee from Baltimore.  “We know that Old Bay is as popular as salt and pepper on our tables here in Baltimore,” Furr said. “McDonald’s is extremely excited to be able to deliver a true, local taste to our customers via our classic Filet-O-Fish with a special Old Bay tartar sauce.”


Look, I love McDonalds. And I love Old Bay. But I HATE the Filet-O-Fish. It’s a poor person’s sandwich. Anyone who goes to McDonalds to get a fish sandwich is certified poor, disgusting, and deserves to be put in a box and shipped away. So while I love that Old Bay is getting more popular by the minute because it’s the best seasoning there ever will be, putting it on a Filet-O-Fish is bullshit. You do not water down the good name of Old Bay on that square piece of rubber tasting donkey shit McDonalds sells to inbreds and serial killers. Now if they started selling Old Bay fries, sign me up. Old Bay McChickens, I’ll whip out my dick and swing it around my head like a helicopter. But Old Bay Filet-O-Fish is not what the doctor ordered. We don’t need the crackheads who go to McDs and decide “yes, the fish sounds exquisite” using the seasoning that God himself brought down from the heavens. It’s not for them.