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ISIS Has A Radicalized Little Person With A Machine Gun Fighting Alongside Them


Daily Mail – A picture of a dwarf jihadist holding a machine gun that’s the same size as him has emerged on the same militant’s mobile that contained pictures of teenage Melbourne suicide bomber Jake Bilardi.

The dwarf extremist, whose identity is unknown, is pictured pointing his hands and a rifle upwards in front of the black and white Black Standard flag made infamous by Islamic State terrorists.

The picture has since been turned into several memes and shared on social media to mock the extremists.


Ever since I was so early on the story of the world’s hottest little person Karina Lemos, I’ve felt a kinship to the dwarven folks out there. They’re out there accomplishing things too, big and tiny. So it breaks my heart to see this radicalized fella wielding a hilariously oversized machine gun. The thing is though, if there’s anyone I’m going to say has a bone to pick with the world, it’s a guy born three feet tall. Being a short dude seems like it sucks in general but being a guy who’s a midget…it’s not like there are chicks out there rubbing one out watching midget fetish porn like they might for women. You’re basically stuck fighting for jobs in pro wrestling, a Jackass reboot, and whenever a movie needs a little person for a punchline. I’m not saying I’d mind seeing his Vienna sausage fingers limply fall to the ground given that, yes, he is still a terrorist but at least he’s got more valid gripes than some guy trying to plow 72 virgins after martyrdom.


That said, if there’s anyone I wouldn’t cross, it’s a little person terrorist. Guys there don’t let women walk around with their whorish ankles being exposed, you think they’re warm and welcoming to Fisher Price-sized extremists trying to join the crew? This little dude must be hard as fuck to be taken seriously by them. They probably don’t even laugh any more when he shoots the machine gun and the kickback sends him flying around a room like an unmanned fire hose. That’s when you know you’ve made it as a tiny terrorist.