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You Can Now Add "Dancing In A Dust Tornado At A Music Festival" To The List Of #StuffWhitePeopleLike


Hippies at an Australian music festival really got at one with nature when they literally danced with a tornado. Yes, that’s correct. The whirling wind appeared at Earthcore 2015 in Victoria, Australia, but instead of rushing to secure their tents, dancers rushed towards it.



Hippies just living that music festival life. Swaying to the sounds of the music, peace, love and sprinting towards dust tornados so they can dance with them.  That’s as hippie as it gets.  Be one with nature by throwing elbows to get a spot inside the dust tornado.  The definition of #StuffWhitePeopleLike. Sometimes I wish I could just swear off all of my worldly pleasure, put on a tie-dye shirt and bandana and just become a music festival bum. Just bounce from music festival to music festival with my music festival friends. Doing all the drugs, drinking all the booze and having all the unprotected sex.  You know what the one thing stopping me from doing that is?  Showers.  I fucking love showers. I take as many as I can. In the morning, at night, at random times throughout the day. I even shower on Sundays. I can’t function without them. So as much as I’d love to ingest a bunch of acid and throw up the peace sign 365 days a year, I can’t. I need access to a shower at all times. And fast food. And cable. And a gas station. And Grand Theft Auto 3.