Don't Look Now, But The Islanders Are Quickly Trending Up

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I’m hot off last night’s W against the Rags and I’m feeling preeeetty damn good about a team that had me questioning a lot just a few weeks ago.

This past week alone has seen a small three game win streak, the emergence of Jesus Greiss, and the team’s middle 6 finally getting things going; one thing is clear it’s that this team as a whole is finding their form, and quick.

To put it bluntly, this team is finally fun again. 

We saw a flat, boring hockey team for the first month and a half and yet somehow still pulled away with some wins. Now the secondary scoring has returned, the 4th line is bashin’ everything in sight, Leddy is skating like Michelle Kwan, a masterpiece through the neutral zone, and the team is finally learning how to get up for the games in Brooklyn, as the wins are starting to patch together.

The return of Ryan Strome has brought life back to the Russians, while Lee-Neilsen-Bailey have quietly been finding success. It’s like implanting a 22 year old, 50 point scorer is actually good for business, eh? Stromeshow!


It’s actually kind of scary to say, but the one line I still question is one that involves John Tavares of all people. The secondary scoring is present, but besides JT being JT on a daily basis, his counterparts in Nelson and Okposo just aren’t holding up their end of the bargain, which is huge in Kyle Okposo’s case, finding himself in a contract year while looking to get paaaiiddd.

Mix all this goodness up front, with the sweet, velvety smooth news of Calvin de Haan looking like a stud last night against an energetic and opportunistic Rags, plus Thomas[Jesus] Greiss establishing himself as the team’s second #1 goalie.. the Isles are rolling, heating up, #Eatin,… whatever phrase you want to use. If it means they’re doing well, you can use it to describe this current Isles club.