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Cleveland Browns Fan Calls Into Local Radio Station To Call Johnny Manziel A "Midget Cancer"



h/t busted coverage




Love this, this is what true fans are about. This is why when Dave made fun of me yesterday for having a soft spot in my heart for all the sad midwestern cities with losing teams I took it as a compliment even though he was doing his “I’m better than everyone schtick”. In Miami you can go sit on the beach. In San Diego the Pacific Ocean is at your door step, even in New York you have a million things going on to take your mind off your football team. But in Ohio, when OSU is out of the playoffs and the Browns broke your heart for the 10,000 time in a row, all you can do is call into the local radio station from your pick up truck and yell about your quarterback being a midget of a cancer. God bless you Browns fans, god bless your heart.




Between this caller and the guy who called in crying a few weeks ago, I think its safe to say that the hard working people of Ohio being paired with Johnny Football was the single worst match ever made.