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Did I Just Convince Myself The Eagles Are Going To Win The NFC East At 6-10? You're Goddamn Right I Did

WAS (5-6): DAL, @CHI, BUF, @PHI, @DAL – WIN, Loss, Loss, Loss, Loss: 6-10
NYG (5-6): NYJ, @MIA, CAR, @MIN, @PHI – Loss, WIN, Loss, Loss Loss: 6-10
DAL (3-8): @WAS, @GB, NYJ, @BUF, WAS – Loss, Loss, Loss, Loss, WIN: 4-12
PHI (4-7): @NE, Ari, Buf, Was, @NYG – Loss, Loss, Loss, WIN, WIN: 6-10

First off, that’s an absolute FIRE white-man-ham-jam by Go West. Secondly, is the scenario played out above really that unrealistic? Absolutely not. Yes, Washington has the fast track to winning the East, but they’re also Washington. They could go 5-0 or 0-5 in their final 5 games. Who the fuck knows? I honestly don’t think they’ll beat the Bears, who are HOT, Buffalo, @Philly (keep in mind the Redskins are not the same team on the road as they are at home) and Dallas twice. I just don’t. That means 6-10 with a 2-4 record in the Division. Without Romo the Cowboys are admittingly toast. However, besides the Patriots blowout, they were in every single game with Weeden and Cassell starting. It’s not inconceivable to think Matt Cassell can whip out his backup USC slong and win one of two games against Washington. As for the Giants, they could put this theory to bed with a win vs the Jets this weekend. But can they? Because even if they do win this team is streaky enough to lose @MIA. Remember, they fell to the Saints when NO was playing like pure dogshit. That means it may all come down to Week 17, where the Giants are 2-3 in the division.

And that leaves the Eagles. Who are somehow, someway, undeservingly still in control of their own destiny. I’m chalking up this week as a public evisceration already, but if they can find a way to upset Arizona (who they play very well against) or Buffalo then the ball is in their pants. Wins vs. Wash and NY are a MUST because of tiebreakers, but it can absolutely go down. Will it happen? Absolutely not. The way this white hot dumpster fire of a team is playing uninspired football they’ll be lucky to lose a game by 20 in the final 5 contests. But a man can dream, though. A man can dream…DOGGONIT.